The World’s Longest Pizza

worlds longest pizza

The Guinness World Record for the world’s longest pizza has just been broken! What length is the ideal pizza? How long is a piece of string? When it comes to delicious Neapolitan-style pizza, the longer it is, the better – that’s what I say! Chefs seem to agree with PizzaFeed because it was this recipe…
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Homer Simpson Pizza Preference Revealed

homer simpson pizza

Believe it or not the Simpsons is still running. It has been 28 years or so now, and the jokes stopped being funny at least 10 years ago. Nevertheless the studio execs keep milking that old cow. Now they’ve come up with a new way to make people care, with Homer Simpson answering call in questions live. The whole thing lasted about three minutes and the first few questions were of no interest, but half way through George Quiroga from Chicago asked a pertinent question about the preferred Homer Simpson pizza.

When George asked “Which is better, Chicago-style pizza or New York-style pizza?” Homer said that Chicago style is the best. The justification for his answer was typically nonsensical, Homer said “I prefer Chicago deep dish because I like Italian better than Chinese.”

George Quiroga had to call 72 times and then wait on hold for 15 minutes to pitch the pizza question but he told the Chicago Tribune it was worth it. George, who has been a fan of The Simpsons since the late eighties, told the local paper, “Homer, we know, loves food. Knowing Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer) is from Chicago… I targeted a question specifically that I thought would elicit a pretty funny response.”

So the real reason Homer preferred Chicago deep dish pizza is because Castellaneta comes from Oak Park, Illinois (a Chicago suburb). Then again, Homer might just like Chicago pizzas because they are fat and greasy like he is. Whatever the reason is, we finally have some insight into the Homer Simpson pizza preference. IMO NYC and Chicago are both inferior to Italian style pizza.


Pizza Box Made From Pizza

pizza box made from pizza

So i put a pizza in your pizza so you can eat pizza while you eat pizza

The Xzibit “Yo Dawg” meme has become a reality proving that memes not only reflect life but that life also reflects memes. Sean Berthiume of Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn has invented a pizza box that is made out of pizza.

The pizza box made from pizza is supposed to contain another smaller pizza inside, the bottom of which will inevitably have been made greasy and rubbish by the cheese of the box it is contained within. The whole mess costs $40 with the sides and bottom made from a normal Sicilian pizza with toppings but the top lid part is just made from dry crust. The lid looks pretty unappetizing tbh fam.

Have you tried it yet? #pizzaboxpizza #vinniesbrooklyn #williamsburg #greenpoint #pizza #vinnies #brooklyn #ediblebox

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In the video interview with the creator above, he explains that he got fed up with customers ordering a pizza in his shop and eating it out of the box and just leaving a box there. Use a plate you degenerates and stop wasting cardboard! Anyway Berthiume thought a pizza box made from pizza was a way to prevent wastage, but I really think a plate would have worked better and kept the cost of the product down.

Would you pay 40 bucks (about £27) for this? Looks like another PR gimmick to me. The whole point of the Xzibit meme was that he used to make stupid car modifications based on the infantile premise that good + good = more gooder. People are dumb though, especially New Yorkers, so this will probably sell well over there.


Hilary Clinton Pizza

hiliary clinton pizza logo

She can’t even win the loyalty of her own husband, let alone the American public, but wannabe US Presidentess Hilary Clinton can find solace in the fact that a pizza is has been made to help her campaign. The Neo-con supported Democrat candidate and heiress of the global military -industrial complex must be thrilled that a small pizza shop in Dunmore called Two Brothers Restaurant and Pizzeria has honoured her in this way.

Following in the mighty footsteps of rival candidate Donald Trump, whose pizza we wrote about over a month ago, Hiliary Clinton has copied the Donald as best she can. Rather than making the spicy buffalo-chicken pizza in the shape of her face, the pizza makers wisely decided it would be more appetising to make it in the image of her logo…a logo which resembles the twin towers with an arrow representing the horrific and tragic plane crash.

Take a look at the pizza below and you can almost hear the anguished screams of the terror victims…

hillary clinton pizza

Or perhaps those are the victims of Libya…the Benghazi scandal? In this sense the tomato represents the blood of the dead ambassador and the cheese covering up the sauce represents the Obama administration’s attempts at concealing the terror attack. The speckled flecks of green celery probably represent all the greenbacks Hilary has received from special interest groups intent in placing her in the position of supreme power so she can continue their plans to bomb an assortment of Middle Eastern nations.

Mmmmmm. Looks delicious.