Voodoo Ray’s – New York Pizza in London


New York Pizza in London

Voodoo Rays in London


Over in NYC, they sell pizza by the slice. This is very convenient when you’re out and about in town. For $1 (about 70 pence) you can grab a big greasy slice. NYC pizza is not bready like Chicago pizza pies, but the base is not crispy like a genuine Italian pizza either. It is a very old and famous style of pizza that one rarely comes across in London.

But Voodoo Ray’s serves New York Pizza in London, specifically up Kingsland Road in Dalston where all the half cut hipsters mill about in the evening. They were such a hit that they opened another store in the Boxpark in Shoreditch, which was the proto-Dalston, back when it was cool.

If you want to grab a slice of New York pizza in London with a real American beer, then Voodoo Ray’s is a good place to go. The pizza tastes pretty good and the vibes are cool but it aint cheap by a long shot. While a slice of pizza in NYC costs peanuts, these ones cost around £4 each which nobody would pay in the big apple. If you want a beer too then expect to pay £4.80 for a 330ml can of ale.

The only time anyone goes to Voodoo Ray’s is when they are drunk, because it looks warm and inviting and it is open late. But when sober, the price of what is literally just a slice of pizza seems unjustified. They don’t bake you a slice fresh, instead they bake and cut the pizzas then leave them on display. When you order a slice they reheat it for you. Hardly gourmet.

I have mixed feelings about this establishment. On the one hand it feels retro inside, with cool music and seasonal deals (this Xmas they are selling mulled cider!) but the pizza isn’t really worth the price tag, especially when you consider than Franco Manca’s, which has restaurants all over the place these days, will give you an entire freshly baked sour dough pizza for only a quid or two more. Then again Franco Manca is just Italian pizza like we’re used to, New York pizza in London just hasn’t taken off yet.

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Men Eat More Pizza When on Dates

Men Eat More Pizza When on Dates

Look at this bloke guzzling down his pizza


Imagine you’re on a date with qt 3.14 at an all you can eat pizza buffet (what kind of gluttonous peasant goes to all you can eat for a date?) and you want to impress her so you do the most manly thing imaginable: guzzle down an extra slice and a half of pizza. Of course, it makes perfect sense!

Now scientist guys at Cornell University in the USA have determined that men really do think like that. They studied 133 people to find out if people eat less when they are on a hot date. Sounds like a really valid and important use of funding. The genius guys reached a conclusion that men eat more pizza when on a date with a woman.

“When one recognizes the overwhelming presence of men in competitive eating contests where the goal is to consume as much as possible in as short a period as possible, then it becomes clear that male eating patterns warrant closer attention through the lens of sexual selection theory,” reads the study’s introduction.

“These findings suggest that men tend to overeat to show off,” said Kevin Kniffin, visiting assistant professor and lead author of the study. “Instead of a feat of strength, it’s a feat of eating.”

The study showed that heterosexual men ate 93% more pizza while on a date with a woman than they did when they ate with bros. This is supposed to be because they are trying to seem super macho and daring in front of the chick. She would be so impressed by that I am sure.

But it isn’t just pizza that men wolf down in an attempt to seem manly, the study showed they also ate 86% more salad when they were dining with women. There’s nothing manly about salad.

Women, on the other hand, eat the same amount no mater who they are with. But they become delusional when eating with men. Many said they felt “rushed” and like they overate when they were in the company of a man, even though the researchers found no evidence for this.

When I go on a date, I order a specific amount of food and I eat it all. That is a normal thing to do. Going to all you can eat places on a date is the least romantic thing in the world. How are you supposed to be all smoochy afterwards with a belly full of cheese and dough. That is gross.

University scientist guys need to start doing pizza experiments on normal people instead of gluttons with bad taste.

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Domino’s Vs Pizza Hut Vs Papa Johns – Which is best?

Dominos Vs Pizza Hut Vs Papa Johns

Which pizza is best?

The age old battle continues. Everyone has their opinion on which place does the best pizza but there are so many factors to consider; price, toppings, dipping sauces etc.

Business Insider have attempted to answer the question with their own taste test. The article is a bit too long so we’ve summarised their results in a more concentrated format. They taste tested the plain cheese pizzas from all three chains, and also tested the “supreme pizzas” of each. Supreme pizzas are the ones with a huge load of toppings all over them. There was also a taste test of bread sticks or something but what’s the point in that? No one cares.

So I will just focus on the two main taste tests. First off is the plain cheese pizza. Domino’s Vs Pizza Hut Vs Papa Johns.

Cheese pizza prices in American dollars:

  • Papa John’s – $13.99.
  • Domino’s – $14.99.
  • Pizza Hut – $12.99.

The pencil pushing pizza reviewer talks a bit about crust firmness and sauce consistency and then decides that the winner is Pizza Hut.

My money’s on Pizza Hut. The cheese is strong and melty, and the tomato sauce is surprisingly flavorful and vibrant — it tastes fresh. And the crust is by far the best of the three: salty, crispy, and crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside.

Next up is the supreme pizza taste test. Each of them has different toppings so I will list them to give you a better idea of the competition.

Domino's Vs Pizza Hut Vs Papa Johns

Supreme pizzas


  •  Domino’s – black olives, green peppers, Italian sausage, beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions.
  • Pizza Hut – pepperoni, seasoned pork, beef, mushrooms, green bell peppers and red onions
  • Papa Johns – pepperoni, Canadian bacon, spicy Italian sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and black olives

They have different names and such but essentially they are all covered with a big mess of meat and veg and you’re not going to notice that much when you’re guzzling it all down. The Papa John’s one is called “the works” and the Domino’s one is annoyingly called “ExtravaganZZA” (sic). Domino’s won this round.

The winner here is Domino’s ExtravaganZZA Feast as the ultimate supreme pizza. The huge amount of toppings takes it to the top here, and the quality is hard to beat.

So there you have it. Some business guy has reviewed some pizzas for you so when it comes to Domino’s Vs Pizza Hut Vs Papa Johns, you can make an informed decision.

I don’t know which is better myself even though I’ve tried them all because the quality varies from store to store and I can’t remember the differences anyway.

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Pilot Orders Pizza for Passengers

pizza for passengers

Look how happy they all are!


This is old news but it is really cool so I am posting it anyway.

Last summer in the USA, a Frontier Airlines flight from Washington to Denver wound up diverted to Wyoming for several hours. The passengers were all forced to wait in Wyoming because of bad weather in Denver. What happened next is heart-warming.

The passengers were stuck on a hot and stuffy plane for a little over two hours. I know exactly what this is like because a flight I recently took was delayed on the runway for just under two hours. The airline in question told me that their policy is to give a free snack to passengers who have waited for two hours but because we were just short of that we got nothing. NOTHING! I was not happy, I can tell you.

The passengers on this flight to Denver, however, got a lovely treat. The pilot ordered 30 pizzas for his passengers when he found out they would be delayed. Security cleared the hot pizzas which were delivered by Domino’s and sent them directly to the plane in an official airport vehicle.

The food on the plane had run out and the pilot quickly decided to order pizza. That means 157 passengers got to share 30 free pizzas. That means 240 slices in total. I bet that led to arguments! If some of the passengers were vegans or lactose intolerant then I guess they just went hungry.

Get this though – The pilot paid for the pizzas from his own pocket and did not ask the airline for any reimbursement! What a legend!

When airport security had finished checking the pizzas for bombs and drugs they brought them to the plane and the passengers applauded. Some of them started taking pictures to document the momentous event.

I love stories like this. Pizza can really bring joy to a miserable situation. Let that be a lesson to us all.

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Video Game Pizza History

Computer game magazine IGN recently published a list of Video Game Pizza events. They grabbed screenshots from famous video games throughout history that include pizzas. We’ve included a few of them here, along with some of our own.

Normally pizza is associated with video games as a convenient and delicious accompaniment, but pizza also features in many games too. Does art mirror life? Do games mirror pizza?

Here are some of the best Video Game Pizza History moments!

1. Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3

Even violent men enjoy a hot slice from time to time.


2. Vice City

pizza video games

Vice City Pizza

Retro 80’s Vice City pizza joint. I remember the graphics being better on this game for some reason.

3. Spiderman 2

pizza video games

Maximum spidey pizza delivery

Spidey is from NYC so no wonder he likes pizza fuggedaboutit ayyy.

4. the SIMS

pizza video games

the SIMS love pizza

I don’t think the SIMS is a real video game. It is for losers. At least it has pizza in it though.

5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

pizza video games

Castlevania pizza

Castlevania games weren’t as serious in the old days as they are now.

6. Borderlands 2

Lock n load, (up with pizza that is)

7. Grand Theft Auto 5

pizza in video games

Michael De Santa eyes up a box of pizza

Back to GTA but this time Los Santos. Old Mike De Santa seems partial to the pizza. He is a bit out of shape.

8. Alien Isolation

pizza video games

This was one creepy game I tell ya

I’m pretty sure that Alien: Isolation took years off of my life. I was so scared of the alien and those creepy androids that I don’t think I noticed this pizza dispensing machine.


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