National Pizza Day With the Olsen Twins

national pizza day


Today is National Pizza Day in the UK and the USA. Domino’s are giving away free push for pizza buttons in Britain to promote it. This is extremely weird since it is also pancake day. How can you have pizza day and pancake day at the same time?

But here at Pizza Feed, we will celebrate by providing a run down of one of the weirdest and funniest pizza videos in internet history. The clip is from a nineties movie of the Olsen twins called “You’re Invited to Mary Kate And Ashley’s Sleepover Party”. It went viral on the internet because of the surreal over-acting and weird toppings the girls ask for such as fish and marshmallows.

Way back in 2010 somebody upped the creepy factor and uploaded the video in slow motion. The stuff of nightmares.

But the “Gimme pizza” meme is still going. Last month somebody uploaded a mashup of the song mixed with Ice Cube’s ‘It was a good day’.


This mashup works perfectly for National Pizza Day because it combines a song about pizza with a song about a good day. While Ice Cube was happy with his day because he ate a pork free breakfast, had sex and didn’t get shot, we can be happy today because of pizza.

Perhaps the best pizza to order today would be a pizza with pancake as a topping, or perhaps a pancake with tomato on cheese on it so it looks like a pizza? Pancake day is a real tradition, so we shouldn’t allow National Pizza Day to replace it in any way.

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Golden Pizza

golden pizza

It is a golden pizza…wow


Remember in Charlie and the Chocolate factory when Willy Wonka gives a prize tour to anyone who finds a golden ticket in a chocolate bar? Well Pizza Hut are offering a similar deal in the USA for the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary except it isn’t a golden ticket, it’s a golden pizza.

The golden pizza is actually the same as the new Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza except that it is covered in $100 of 24-karat gold. The same pizza without the gold is worth $12.99 before tax, so this prize pizza is worth over $113.

“It’s not every day that the Golden Anniversary of the Big Game is played in the Golden State, so we felt it was only appropriate to celebrate with a limited-edition Golden Garlic Knots Pizza,” said Jared Drinkwater, Pizza Hut’s vice president of marketing, in a statement.


There are only 50 golden pizzas available and to win one you have to either order a Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza or email the PR team between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., ET, on Feb. 7. Winners also get a $100 Pizza Hut Gold Card. Your chances of winning are slim but the chance to win a golden pizza is worth it I think.

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Get a Free Papa John’s Pizza

free papa john's pizza

free Papa John’s


Everyone feels a bit glum this time of year. It is very cold and money is short after Christmas shopping and such. That’s why it is the perfect time of year for free pizza to cheer you up and warm your heart. If you want to claim your free Papa John’s pizza then sign up to cashback website Quidco this month. Once you’ve signed up and setup the tracking cookie, you can get a free pizza up to the value of £10.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Sign up to Quidco here for free
  2. Click the tracking link for Papa Johns to get the cookie
  3. Buy a Papa Johns pizza online to the value of £10 or more
  4. £10 will then be refunded to your account within 2 weeks.

Seriously, all you have to do is visit the Quidco website and sign up for a free Quidco account. This may sound dodgy but i have tried Quidco and it works perfectly. Sometimes the refund takes a few days and i was skeptical at first, but it always works. They don’t charge you anything, but they track your purchase with a cookie and they get paid by the retailer as an affiliate. The savings are passed on to you, the pizza consumer! You just need to make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry you are probably already set up) and buy your free Papa Johns pizza online after having signed up to Quidco and clicked the tracking link. The transaction is automatically registered and the money is paid into your account via Paypal.

Enjoy your free pizza and don’t forget it was Pizza Feed who tipped you off!

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Domino’s Pizza Fat Content Revealed

 pizza fat content

Domino’s pizza fat content has been revealed to be a lot more than what has previously been claimed. The pizza giant’s nutritional information claims that the plain pizzas contain up to 13 per cent less fat than was determined by an investigation for a Channel 4 programme called “Tricks of the Restaurant Trade”.

The TV programme looked at major pizza chains in Britain such as Pizza Express, Domino’s and Papa John’s and tested their fat content. They discovered that a medium-sized cheese and tomato pizza from Papa John’s has almost 58 grams of fat, almost half of which is saturated fat. A pulled pork Napoli pizza from Zizzi had as much fat as 6 and a half bags of crisps – 68 grams of fat. Yuck.

But Domino’s pizza fat content was the most shocking when compared to the nutritional information claimed by the company. Domino’s pizzas have about 4 grams of fat more than what is written on the nutritional information as well as an additional 150 more calories than they claim.

Surprisingly, when they compared a Domino’s pizza to a traditional wood fired Italian pizza, they were found to have the same calorie content. But the Domino’s pizza had double the amount of fat in it!

Domino’s have defended themselves pointing out that there have to be variations in a hand made pizza. A spokesman said:

‘As all our pizzas are freshly made to order by hand, there can be naturally occurring differences in the average nutritional profile of each serving.

‘The variations are within the limits allowed by law but we recognise that giving our customers accurate information to make informed choices is important.

Now what this means is that the fat content might have been higher than stated because the people who make the pizzas are being extra generous with toppings. That sounds like a good thing to me! If there is too much pressure from head office, then you can forget about getting extra cheese or pepperoni in future.

Personally, I don’t think it matters if pizza is high in fat. You are only supposed to have it as a treat. If you work out and eat healthy food all week, then it doesn’t matter if you order a pizza on the weekend.

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Would You Like a Stabbing with your Pizza?

pizza stabbing

Would you like a stabbing with your pizza?

A Domino’s delivery driver has stabbed a customer to death in a dispute about a tip. The shady looking bloke with a dodgy goatee was working for a Domino’s pizza in Southern California.

The delivery driver in question, 31 year old Michael Parker, has since been charged with assault with a deadly weapon after giving a customer a bit more than just a pizza.

The police were called to the scene late at night and arrived to find a 20 year old man with stab wounds to the wrist and neck. He was transported to hospital to be treated for the injuries and survived.

It transpired that this crazy Domino’s delivery guy got in an argument with the customer about why the pizza was late. Clearly Michael Parker thought that he was not late, and the dispute then led to the customer paying a mere $3 tip for a $45 order, an amount that did not sit well with Mr. Parker.

Now I realise that tipping is important in America, this is because they don’t pay people very well, but stabbing someone over a tip is ridiculous. After handing over the measly tip, the two men continued to argue until they began fighting in the driveway and the delivery driver unleashed a blade which he proceeded to plunge into the customer’s neck.

This would never have happened in the UK. If you don’t want to tip, you don’t have to and if the pizza is late you can file a complaint and probably get a refund.

I’m glad I don’t live in a country where a pizza comes with a side order of getting stabbed in the neck!

There was a similar case in May last year when it was the pizza delivery guy who got stabbed by a customer. Wow, those Americans certainly take their pizzas seriously.

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