Domino’s Pizza Payback

Over in the states Domino’s have come up with a new promotional campaign, where they extend a deal which was previously available only on Monday to Thursday. Customers can now buy a large 3 topping $7.99 carry out pizza on any day of the week. The original point of the deal was to bring in more business on slow days, but I suppose now marketing have decided that they should just go all out on the weekends.

The interesting part of this campaign is that they are acting like they cheated their customers by making them pay more on weekends.

“if you carried out Friday – Sunday, you paid more. That’s not right, so we’re extending our $7.99 carryout deal to every day, and giving America a Pizza Payback.”

Of course they are not really going to pay everyone back who paid more as that would put them out of business. All they are doing is giving prizes to a few lucky winners. These include novelty lamps and free pizzas for a year ( five $100 gift cards).

Why are Domino’s offering this pizza payback deal? Is it because people don’t take carry out pizzas on weekends any more than on weekdays, so limiting the deal to the week no longer made sense? The advert video is actually very clever and will generate plenty of publicity, such as this very blog post.


Domino’s Burger Pizza Review

There is nothing more American than a big greasy burger but pizzas are also very American. Domino’s pizza is one of the most American brands on the planet; somewhere after Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Haliburton. But Domino’s have risen up the ranks of American brands with their most recent and highly ‘Murican invention.

The Domino’s Pizza Burger is a deranged hybrid of pizza and burger that only the yanks could conceive of.

american pizza burger bear

Except for one thing….It was invented by Domino’s India! Are India leading the charge for most American food items in the world? The company’s Facebook page says it “looks like a burger. Tastes like a pizza,” It appears to be basically two pizzas sandwiched together like burger buns except that the pizza dough looks more like a burger bun with Italian herbs on it.

dominos burger pizza

Customer feedback hasn’t been great, with some complaining the burger pizza is too small and others saying it doesn’t taste great. However, when compared to Pizza Hut’s attempt at a Burger Pizza, “The Hamburger stuffed crust”, Domino’s version looks less messy and easier to consume. The main issue with the Indian Pizza Burger is that it doesn’t actually contain any burger! This is due to the fact that Hindus regard cows as sacred animals and would never eat beef. Not bad for a veggie snack I suppose.


Pizza Delivery Guys Love Pokemon Go

pokemon go pizza

Pizza delivery guys the world over are delighted that the latest Nintendo Pokemon game, Pokemon Go, can be played while they work. The game is an app that works a lot like the old Gameboy Pokemon game except that it works with GPS and your camera phone to interact with your actual environment. In other words; you can’t play it while you sit on your backside; you actually have to go outside and walk around.

Different Pokemon can only be found in certain places so you need to travel around if you want to catch ’em all. You also have to hatch pokemon eggs and that depends on actually walking, not just sitting down in a car. Since pizza delivery drivers have to drive all over the neighbourhood delivering pizzas, they get to explore all the places where rare Pokemon might be. They also hatch plenty of eggs just from walking up stairs and porches to deliver the pizzas.

The aim of the game was to encourage gamers to get out more and get some exercise but it seems an inadvertent side effect is that it encourages pizza delivery guys to slack off. Although the meme above says they are “literally paid to play Pokemon”, the truth is that they are paid to deliver pizzas, and are wasting time trying to catch the Pokemon while their customers’ pizzas are getting cold.

What’s worth more in the long run; a tip or a Mewtwo?


Chicago Pizzeria Bans Gangster Clothes

chicago pizzeria

Jackson wearing his baseball cap

Over in the States a Chicago pizzeria has been accused of racism after refusing entry to a black man who was wearing sports clothes. Antar Jackson visited the Parlor Pizza Bar but was stopped at the door by a bouncer who said that his clothes were “too street”. Antar was in violation of the dress code for wearing sweatpants and a baseball cap – which are defined as athletic attire.

But Antar claims the dress code wasn’t the real reason he was refused entry and that he was discriminated against because of his race. He says he was wearing wool trousers that cost $250 (what does price have to do with anything?) and that other customers were wearing baseball caps (for supper!??) had been allowed entry.

‘Their dress code says no athletic wear,’ Jackson told NBC Chicago. ‘At no point in time will you find me doing anything athletic in a pair of wool pants.’

After being refused entry, Antar and his wife complained to the manager, but that didn’t help them at all so now they have filed a formal complaint with the city’s Commission on Human Relations. Antar wants a formal apology and for the restaurant to remove the dress code. Wouldn’t it be easier to dress in smart clothing before he went our for dinner?

The pizzeria maintains that race was not the issue and that Jackson’s his trousers together with his baseball cap, made his attire look even more athletic. A spokesperson for Parlor Pizza said that this whole fiasco was ‘in no way discrimination.’

‘You go from feeling kind of bewildered, to feeling to shocked, to then feeling embarrassed,’ Jackson complained.

And then at some point in time you start to kind of blame yourself, like, ‘Did I do something wrong?’ And then you get angry.’

Yes Antar, you did something wrong, you ignored the dress code of a private establishment!

‘We want everyone to enjoy our pizza and feel welcome at any of our locations, but they must respect our policies,’ Parlor Pizza said in a statement.

It is strange that a pizza place should put on such airs and graces, but it’s their restaurant and they can do what they want. Why do people always feel like they can bully small business owners into revoking their personal policies? Take your hat off when you have supper for god’s sake!