Veg a Roma Pizza

Toppings: Sundried tomato & garlic sauce, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, herbs

The Veg a Roma pizza from Domino’s is an obvious choice for all vegetarian pizza lovers. The overriding flavors are onions and garlic sauce with a tomato tang to follow. Some Italian herbs provide a lingering after taste which is pleasant. There are plenty of mushrooms and peppers on it too. Presumably this pizza is in some way related to the pizzas made in Rome. Perhaps the Romans love their vegetables. I can’t confirm this but I can confirm that the Veg a Roma pizza is a really good pizza, not only for vegetarians but for anyone. I am a meat lover, and not a massive fan of onions, but even so, this is my preferred pizza from Domino’s because it doesn’t go overboard with meats and flavors. It’s subtle and well balanced. Just garlic and herb flavors, no piles of meat and BBQ sauce. It’s a lot more like an Italian pizza in that sense. Veg a Roma pizza Dominos wins at being a decent all round pizza for sharing with people who have variant tastes because it’s suitable for veggies, people who don’t like spice and it’s Halal.

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